5 Great Psychology Scholarships

Scholarships for Psychology Students

  • Annette U. Ricker Dissertation Award
  • Okura Mental Health Leadership Foundation Fellowship
  • Routh Research and Dissertation Grant
  • Behavioral Sciences Student Fellowship
  • Lizette Peterson Homer Grant

Paying for higher education can be prohibitive, which is why psychology scholarships are so important for students hoping to work in mental health care. There is a wide variety of scholarships available, and they are awarded on factors that range from financial need, participation in the mental health field, background, and academic achievement. While most colleges provide a limited number of scholarships for prospective students, they are usually not substantial enough to cover many of the educational and living expenses. Students who look outside the traditional avenues for scholarships will find a wealth of opportunities available to them. Here are a few of the best scholarships for psychology students.

Annette U. Ricker Dissertation Award

This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to graduate students who are doing dissertation research on a subject related to public policy. The goal of the scholarship is to increase the knowledge base for policies that will improve the human condition. Special consideration is given to dissertations with a focus on improving children and family services in the realms of at-risk populations, child abuse prevention, and healthy parental education. In order for applicants to be considered for the award, they must submit a summary of their dissertation along with a current CV and letter of recommendation.

Okura Mental Health Leadership Foundation Fellowship

The Okura Mental Health Fellowship is awarded once a year to a deserving graduate student whose work promotes better research, training, and services benefitting the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. The $20,000 award rotates through the categories of research, training, and services and has a goal of improving these areas for the AAPI population. The most recent winners of the grant were piloting a research project that sought to improve recognition of mental health problems and utilization of treatment in AAPI families.

Routh Research and Dissertation Grant

The Routh Grant is offered to undergraduate and graduate students who are performing research in clinical child and adolescent psychology. Depending on the quality of submissions received, the Routh Grant may be awarded to four students per year. Applicants for the grant must submit a cover letter with contact information for their dissertation adviser, a copy of their dissertation, and a proposed budget for how they will utilize the award for further research.

Behavioral Sciences Student Fellowship

This psychology scholarship is available for undergraduate or graduate students engaged in epilepsy-related study. Each applicant must have a qualified professional mentor and a stated interest in a career in epilepsy research or treatment. To apply for the fellowship, candidates must submit three letters of recommendation, an intent statement, a research plan, and information about their background in epilepsy work.

Lizette Peterson Homer Grant

This grant seeks to address the factors that threaten child and adolescent growth and development. Forbes reports that teen searches for suicide methods rise following movies or TV shows that glorify teen suicide. The Lizette Peterson Homer Grant seeks to combat this through research proposals for projects that will prevent adolescent suicide. Other research topics that will be considered relate to the prevention of child abuse and accidents.


Finding financial assistance for school can feel overwhelming. Students who spend time searching for psychology scholarships outside of school offerings will discover increased opportunities to make their studies affordable.

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