5 Jobs With a Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal Arts Degree Jobs

  • Education
  • Human Services
  • Technical Writing
  • Artistic Projects and Graphic Design
  • Human Resources

The upper limits of potential annual earnings through liberal arts professions have risen with the rising number of opportunities in graphic arts, social analysis, foreign linguistics, and digital content creation. The rise of lucrativeness in liberal arts pursuits, based on a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), has to about $40,000.


The highest potential salary for a teacher is possible with a Graduate degree, though a Bachelors degree is sufficient enough to pursue the base level of the profession.

To successfully earn the credentials for being recognized as specialists in various niche subjects, there are specialized training programs in a number of liberal arts training programs. To become a well-rounded teacher, students must receive a sufficient-enough education in the fields of social sciences, languages, the practical sciences, and the arts.

Human Services

To earn the credentials that open the gateway to managerial positions in social work, psychological work, and general human services, it is necessary to receive certification from the National Association of Social Workers. A Bachelors degree is required for all who wish to engage in any level of social work.

The heavily client-based roles that a social worker will engage in include substance abuse treatment, housing, career training, and assistance programs. Domestically-troubled families or individuals that are in need of any vital resources can be greatly assisted by managers on the front line.

Technical Writing

The particularly high demand for well-written technical and promotional material that various technology and science firms have provides a healthy outlook on employment for any who specialize in technical writing. In addition to technical content, new informational avenues and and advertisements are also vital things that those with English majors can find a professional role in with their degree.

Artistic Projects and Graphic Design

Those who hold graphic design degrees will be capable of applying their artistic skills in executive roles. Designer roles in the video game industry and curatorial projects for museums are only a few examples of the various areas that degree-holding graphic designer might be able to leverage their degrees to attain. Publishers that make user of illustrations and/or animations in any capacity will oftentimes have demand for a graphic designer on board.

Human Resources

Credentials signifying expertise in the behavioral sciences and labor relations can be attained through the acquisition of a Master of Arts degree. Various company’s needs for training, protocol development, and compensation strategizing will create a demand for Human Resource Directors and their collaboration with executive management. A potential candidate for leading roles in any organization can oftentimes be prepared for with a human resources degree.


The growth in various different industrial opportunities, thanks to both technological trends and social development, have led to a greater level of liberal arts job availability than ever before. The above professions are only a fraction of the full scope of liberal arts jobs available to those who pursue them.

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