5 Minors that Pair Well With a Bachelor's in Psychology

5 Minors To Pair With A Major In Psychology

  • Neuroscience
  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Criminal Justice

There are several minors that pair well with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Students can ultimately pick whatever minor they want but some lend themselves better than others to common professions in this field. Consider these options.

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1. Neuroscience

Students who want to take a more scientific approach to the field of psychology can consider getting a minor in neuroscience. Neuroscience is the study of the biology of the brain and how it shapes people. Psychology students will typically learn some neuroscience basics but opting for a minor can provide a more in-depth understanding of topics such as sensory perception, emotion, how the brain circuits work and more. Because not every college will offer a minor in this specialized topic, students can opt to get a minor in biology or another relevant scientific field as an alternative.

2. Social Work

A lot of people want to go into the field of psychology to help people, perhaps hoping to work at a non-profit someday. A minor in social work would be a good choice for students who want to combine psychology with a career in social welfare. This combination can open opportunities for graduates to get a job in mental health clinics, hospitals, government services, and private practices, to name a few. Better yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an 11 percent projected growth rate for social workers in the foreseeable future, making it not only a profession where students can make a difference but one where they might not have a hard time finding a job either.

3. Education

An education minor is one of the minors that pair well with a Bachelor’s in Psychology for students who want to teach in any capacity. Students can become teachers in most states by simply obtaining their teaching certificate after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Becoming a college professor will require a master’s degree or above. Even students who do not want to become teachers might like what a minor in this subject has to offer because their desired work in the field of psychology might include educational outreach to children, teens, and adults.

4. Communications

Many undergrads who want to become counselors and psychologists major in psychology, and for them getting a minor in communications is a good fit. HuffPost outlines how minors are great for supporting a major, and the skillset offered by a communications minor is certain to be exceedingly useful. Counselors and psychologists need to be excellent listeners and adept at communicating with their patients orally and in writing. They need to be able to ask the right questions to discover what is really troubling their patients in order to find helpful solutions.

5. Criminal Justice

Students who want to put their knowledge of psychology to work in the criminal justice system can get a minor in criminal justice. These professionals use their knowledge of psychology to find criminals, conduct research into the psychology of those who commit crimes, work to rehabilitate criminals and more. This educational background can lead to careers as a forensic psychologist, crime scene investigator, private investigator or, perhaps ultimately, a career working for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The choice of a minor should ultimately complement a student’s major based on the specific area in which they want to work. All of these are minors that pair well with a Bachelor’s in Psychology are a good fit depending on what the student wants to do.

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