5 Popular Online Associate's Degrees

Popular Associate’s Degrees to Earn Online

  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Communication

Online associate’s degrees are becoming more popular because it’s easy for students to take online classes versus attending on campus. These are a few of the most popular degree programs that students have been taking. The courses are popular because they translate into well-paying positions in great companies.

1. Business Administration

Whether it’s in administrative services or management, these positions require the employee to plan and budget the entire organization. They’re usually in a supervisory role with budgeting and recording keeping as some of their primary goals. The role of the business administrative personnel is to direct the work in the business to work efficiently. That might mean scheduling employees, overseeing the office workers or implementing policies for dealing with customers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a projected growth in these positions of 10 percent over the next several years.

2. Accounting

Every single business needs a person to do their accounting. It could be an accounts receivable clerk, collections clerk or a payroll administrator. These positions all require the employee to have an advanced education in accounting. The accounting professional can work in a variety of industries from government to non-profit. They must be familiar with all the laws and tax regulations that pertain to the company to ensure that the business remains fiscally healthy.

3. Psychology

While psychologists require years of schooling and training, there are some positions in the mental health field where the person only needs an associate’s degree. These positions include home health care aid, caseworker or youth counselor. Nursing assistants and orderlies might need a degree for the level of patient interaction they’ll have. The graduate with a degree in psychology will often pursue higher education, but they want to start their career instead of waiting to complete years and years of education. Students thrive in an online education environment with this kind of degree program.

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4. Marketing

With an associate’s degree in marketing, the graduate will be able to work in sales, plan marketing strategies and evaluate customer behavior. These are incredible skills that can actually translate to a variety of businesses. The graduate could work in a retail environment or as an account executive at a marketing firm. Advanced education might be required later, but students can certainly start their career before completing years of education.

5. Communication

There is some overlap between a marketing student’s coursework and a communication student’s classes. This is because the graduate with a marketing degree might get a job as a social media director while a communications graduate could pursue that same position. Public relations, marketing communications, and content marketing all require an associate’s degree, and the degree can be obtained online. In fact, it’s a great place to learn about communications since there’s much that can be done online as a social media director. The student can get a jump on experience by starting their own social media campaigns.

Students who want to obtain online associate’s degrees benefit from quick semesters where they don’t have to travel all the way to the local campus. They can take more classes in a shorter amount of time. These are some of the most popular courses for those who want to study online and obtain their degree, but there are plenty of others for interested students.

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