What is the AACSBThe Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, more commonly referred to as the AACSB, is an international professional association that was formed with the purpose of advancing quality management education all across the globe. To advance management business education and confirm excellence in business schools all over the world, the AACSB has a global accrediting body that sets the standards in management education and evaluates undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degree programs. In addition to accreditation, the association offers membership to educational institutions and businesses. Here is more about the non-profit and membership organization that is known as the AACSB.

An Internationally Recognized Accreditation Process

One of the most well-known services offered by the AACSB is the specialized accreditation credential that is recognized by not only the U.S. Department of Education, but also other international departments of education. With a clear and strict set of AACSB Accreditation Standards, the non-profit organization pushes to improve business and accounting programs while challenging educators to pursue excellence in curriculum development and delivery.

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Accreditation is a voluntary process where the accrediting agency reviews the school’s mission and other materials to see if students will be prepared for graduation and for a profession in business. The AACSB offers specialized accreditation to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate business and accounting degree programs who apply for the credential and go through the process.

Educational and Business Membership Options

When you are searching for a business program or a program majoring in accounting, it is best to look at a list of accredited institutions so that you can narrow down your options. Accreditation is important, but the association is also known for granting membership to both businesses and educational institutions. Some of the benefits of becoming a global member in the AACSB network include:

  • Networking with a community of top business educators
  • Developing yourself as a professional
  • Access to industry data and research
  • Career tools
  • Recruiting tools
  • Access to leading publications
  • Business Development

Publications that Keep Professionals and Educators Up-to-Date with Relevant Information

The AACSB offers its members access to different publications that can really help professionals develop and advance their careers. BizEd is a magazine that includes articles, reviews, and instruction that everyone in the business platform can benefit from. The association also offers email newsletters where readers can access unique content that will help them stay engaged in the field while they gain new insights they might not have gained on their own. There are also data and research reports that are available to the members for free.

Organizing Events and Seminars

The best way to network is to attend AACSB events. The association organizes and hosts several conferences and seminars throughout the year that members are invited to. The seminars might cover a specific topic in person or a more broad subject online for students who cannot travel.

As you can see, the AACSB is about more than just accreditation. Each of the services offered is offered to advance management education. If you plan to work in business or accounting, recognize what this non-profit organization does and align yourself with it. Find a school that passes the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business test, and then consider becoming a member.