Great Entry Level Marketing JobsFive Great Jobs for Brand-New Marketing Professionals

  • Social Media Specialist
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Management Trainee

The marketing field is booming, and more and more students are majoring in marketing to cash in on this dynamic and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, often lucrative field of professional practice. From content strategy to advertisement art, marketing possesses a broad range of opportunities suitable to every interest, body of experience, and level of ambition. Here are five great entry-level marketing jobs.

  1. Social Media Specialist

    For new marketing professionals with a passion for all things social media, the role of social media specialist is a rewarding and exciting one. Social media specialists work with social media or content directors, assisting in the creation and assembling of written content and imagery for social media platforms from Tumblr to Instagram. The position of social media specialist often offers room for advancement and is a fantastic starting point for degree holders in marketing who also studied digital media or content, or took independent coursework in social media.

  2. Content Writer

    Content writers generate written content for blogs, articles, and sometimes social media posts. The position of a content writer requires strong written and verbal communication skills in addition to knowledge of marketing concepts like search engine optimization, advertising language styles, and knowledge of various content publish platforms. The position of a content writer is an ideal one for degree holders who completed degrees not only in marketing, but creative writing, journalism, and liberal arts with a relevant minor or concentration.

  3. Graphic Artist

    Graphic artists play a critical role in marketing campaigns, generating visual content for digital and print marketing materials alike. Degree holders with a straight degree in graphic arts can seek out this position in various companies, or, alternatively, freelance – which is becoming an immensely popular option among graphic artists. Graphic artists who minored in marketing or psychology may find more ample opportunity to enter management positions or be eligible for higher-paid positions upon graduation.

  4. Marketing Assistant

    The role of the marketing assistant is a broad one. Marketing assistants may work under and alongside any marketing professional, helping to organize projects and marketing campaigns, maintain departmental calendars and schedule deadlines, and assist marketing managers in their day to day tasks. Marketing assistants must have excellent communication skills, be highly organized and task-oriented, and work well and fastidiously under pressure. Those who minored in business administration, organizational leadership or business management may also find greater opportunity for advancement along the way.

  5. Marketing Management Trainee

    The position of marketing management trainee is an interesting one. Typically, when a manager is preparing to move up to a new management position or preparing to retire, they will hire a trainee to learn their position so that the trainee can take over when they depart their present role. This process typically takes less than a year, and so marketing professionals in this position must be prepared to work hard and learn quickly. However, for those marketing professionals that are particularly ambitious and want to launch themselves quickly into a management position, this job is well worth seeking out.

Each of these positions highlights different skill sets and interests. No matter where your academic and personal foci lie, each of these entry-level marketing jobs is worth considering – and can help you rise to even more rewarding roles in the field of marketing.

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