5 TED Talks About Healthcare in America

Healthcare TED Talks

  • Healthcare: Is it a Right or a Luxury?
  • Why We Can’t Fix Our Healthcare System
  • Healthcare Stole the American Dream
  • Healthcare is More Than Just Policy
  • What Healthcare Will Look Like In 2020

America’s healthcare administration has been a topic of countless debates over time. Although the opinions of politicians usually take center stage, the following TED Talks about healthcare in America allowed civilians to make their voices heard on the matter.

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1. Healthcare: Is it a Right or a Luxury?

During the TEDxAdelaide seminar, Tarik Sammour explains the “guilty pleasure” he felt while working in the world’s best healthcare facility and only being able to treat people that could actually afford it. Upon questioning one of his colleagues about their morals regarding this issue, they simply responded with the classic quality versus quantity debate. Sammour suggests that the healthcare administration should go back to the basics and focus on the necessities that will allow more lives to be saved despite how wealthy the patient is.

2. Why We Can’t Fix Our Healthcare System

Ayesha Khalid used her platform at the TEDxBeaconStreet seminar to tell a story about one of her patients who had gone to several doctors who couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. After coming to the same conclusion as the doctors before her, she decided to dig deeper and finally found the problem that had been overlooked by the machines. She suggests that it’s the responsibility of the physician to change their way of thinking and to treat each patient as a partner rather than a statistic so that they can work together to find the proper solutions.

3. Healthcare Stole the American Dream

Dave Chase’s presentation at the TEDxSunValley seminar revolves around a business owner named Harris Rosen that saw a problem with how much money was being lost to healthcare and the steps that he took to fix it using the Three C’s: Care team, Cost, and Community. The Care team has enough time to work closely with each patient to assess and attack the problems which lead to the practice of preventative healthcare which helps to lower the overall cost and need for insurance.

4. Healthcare is More Than Just Policy

At the TEDxStanford seminar, Rayden Llano explains how his personal experiences led him to travel the world to see how healthcare in other countries compared to America. Upon traveling to France, Japan, Rwanda he noticed that all three countries had universal healthcare and that their citizens were completely supportive of these policies. He emphasized how important this was in a place like Rwanda because this country hardly has electricity and running water. After making it exceedingly clear that these countries have universal healthcare because they decided it was a necessity, he leaves the audience questioning if America’s priorities are in order.

5. What Healthcare Will Look Like In 2020

In his presentation at the TEDxPhiladelphia, Stephen Klasko addresses how the health care system has changed over time and what it should be like in the future. He focuses heavily on the patient experience and shows how miserably inconvenient and impersonal doctor visits are and proposes a plan to change it by making use of smartphone apps and video chats. He also explains why choosing a physician based on their care and ability to empathize rather than their test scores will help to make doctors more personable.

Overall, these TED Talks about healthcare show that many people share the same concerns and are actively seeking out solutions. Whether it’s enhancing the patient experience, striving for universal health care, or even just providing more affordable options, these TED Talks help us to gain perspective about America’s health administration and it’s priorities.

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