In today’s highly technological society, online education is becoming the norm for an array of students around the world. In line with the ever-advancing technology, nearly all students must have some type of computer to complete coursework. With all the rest of expenses related to higher education, buying a personal computer can be very pricy. Many students seeking to enroll in an online program wonder, are there any online colleges that offer a free laptop with tuition?

Importance of Computers

Majority of all careers involve working on computers in some way, so it is essential that college students learn basic to advanced computer skills to prepare them for success in both academics and in future positions. Additionally, the use of computers has completely changed higher education. Online colleges present all course materials through the Internet, including syllabi, presentations, resources, and even textbooks in eBook forms. A computer is essential to attend an online course, and a laptop is convenient because students can take it with them for use anywhere with an Internet connection.

Online Schools that Offer Free Laptops

There are numerous online institutions that offer free laptops or related devices to students. Stevens-Henager College is a four-year institution based out of Ogden-Haven, Utah and it was founded in 1891. It is a nonprofit institution that is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. It offers online programs in healthcare, business, information technology, and graphic arts. Students receive a laptop upon enrollment. Bethel University is a four-year Christian university based out of McKenzie, Tennessee. It was established in 1842 and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It offers online programs in organizational leadership, management, and business administration. Students receive a free iPad to use as part of the technology initiative started by the university.

Conditions of the Free Computer

Many online schools offer laptops or related devices to students when they begin their program and the students get to keep the equipment following graduation. If a student leaves the college, he or she must return the laptop or related tool. Students are also required to maintain the device and perform any updates as needed. If the laptop gets lost or stolen, students are usually responsible for replacing it at a reduced price. Some colleges offer students complimentary leased devices to use during their program. At these institutions, student must return the items after graduation. Some schools allow students to trade in the devices on a yearly basis for updated alternatives.

Reasons Schools Provide a Free Laptop

Many online institutions understand that students need a computer to complete coursework and some schools decide to provide this necessity. Providing a free laptop to students removes a factor that may hinder enrollment in online programs due to added expenses. This way, students do not have to worry about an additional expense to complete their education.

Choosing an online school that offers a free laptop is a wise choice for students looking to reduce the costs of higher education. It is one less expense for the student. However, if a student’s chosen school does not offer a complimentary device, there are often programs available that enable students to rent laptops for reasonable rates.

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