Can Active Service Members Earn an Online DegreeYou’ve just been deployed overseas and you think it’s the end of your college career. Or your ship has left port and will be at sea indefinitely. So much for your plans to enroll in college, you think! Not true. There are many online degrees for military personnel where you can still achieve success in your military career while going to school full or part time.

What is Online College?

As technology advances and lives become more hectic, online education offers an alternative to traditional schools that gave many more people the chance to go to college. The online college format is particularly well-suited for enlisted military personnel because of its flexibility and ability to be literally taken anywhere!

Top Online Colleges for Military

Another plus for military students is that many colleges offer courses that are asynchronous and don’t interfere with your duties and schedule. Asynchronous courses provide you with all the course materials you need in an electronic ‘classroom’ and you proceed at your own pace. Synchronous courses have required sessions that you must attend electronically. Both require a variety of digital communication tools such as email, chats, message boards and either online or hard copy textbooks. Either format may work for you depending on your job and schedule.

What Online Degrees for Military Are Available?

What degrees are available will depend on the online college you choose. First, there are two types of colleges. One is the traditional brick and mortar school that offers online courses and/or has entire online degree programs. The other is the college that just offers online programs and courses. Neither is better or worse, but one important caveat is to choose an accredited college with approved degree programs. The range of degrees you can get is impressive with everything from a traditional liberal arts degree to something highly specialized such as Meteorology.

What General Degree Programs Are Available?

In addition to liberal arts programs that offer degrees in English, Sociology and Psychology, there are many schools that offer degrees in Education, Business – including Accounting and Marketing – and Counseling. When you have completed your degree program, you will have the credentials you need to follow through on a career or the satisfaction of have enriched your understanding of the world.

What Specialized Degree Programs Are Available?

You’ll be surprised at the variety and types of highly specialized online degrees available to you. The list is long, but some programs include Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Dental Assistant, Forensic Science, Gunsmithing, Healthcare Administration, Pharmacy and Web Design. These programs provide you with simulated online practice while some may require internships or on-land workshops.

Can I Get A Master’s Degree?

Many colleges offer online Master degree programs and once again, the types of degree programs available is impressive. Many colleges offer Master’s programs, the most popular of which include Business, Counseling, Education, Engineering, Psychology and Social Work.

If you have been discouraged or feel you have to delay your education, with the many online degrees for military available, you can jump right in to preparing yourself for a job when your enlistment is over or simply deepen your knowledge of a subject you love.

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