What Jobs are Available With a Bachelor's in Applied PsychologyWhile enrolled in a college psychology program or about to enroll, you may look at the job opportunities open to those with a Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology. Applied psychology is a field of study that deals more with research and independent thinking. Many of the jobs in this field are only open to those who have a master’s degree or even a doctoral degree. Whether you want to take some time off before completing a graduate degree, or you don’t want to go back to school at all, you’ll find some jobs you can do with just a bachelor’s degree.

Assistant Behavioral Analyst

One of the jobs open to those with an applied psychology bachelor’s degree is that of an assistant behavioral analyst. This type of specialist helps patients determine why they act or behave in certain ways and what they can do to change their behaviors. Some work specifically with autistic children and offer therapy designed to help them better interact with the worlds and environments around them. While you can work in this field with only a bachelor’s degree, you will need to get certification from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board or a similar organization.

Social Worker

If you like the idea of working directly with individuals in need, you might consider using your Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology to seek employment as a social worker. Social workers often work for government agencies and assist clients who need help. Though some assume that these professionals only work with abused children, they also work with the elderly, homeless and other groups. Some states will license college graduates as social workers, even if they do not have a degree in social work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for social workers today is around $45,500 a year.

Human Resources Specialist

With a college degree in psychology, you can also find work in major corporations around the world. Many of these companies need human resources specialists who can work with their employees. As an HR specialist, you’ll help ensure the satisfaction of those working for the company. This may involve introducing new benefits programs, finding new insurance plans for employees or even motivating those workers. HR specialists also help companies advertise for new workers, interview prospective candidates and find the best people for all open positions.

Probation/Parole Officer

A bachelor’s degree in applied psychology may also help you find work as a probation office or a parole office. Parole officers work with criminals convicted to jail time and then let out on parole, while probation officers work with those sentenced to probation instead of jail time. These officers are responsible for ensuring that their clients follow all rules imposed by the judge. You might do home visits to ensure your clients live at the addresses given or check with their employers. The research skills you learned in college can also help you when doing research into the backgrounds of your clients and keeping track of your records.

Most of the highest paying jobs in applied psychology are only open to those with a master’s degree or higher, but there are many jobs available for those with only a bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology may qualify you to work as an HR specialist, probation officer, analyst or social worker.

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