5 Healthcare Administration Scholarships

Healthcare Administration Scholarships

  • The Bachrach Family Scholarship for Excellence in Health Care Administration
  • The HCA Corris Boyd Scholars Program
  • Foster G. McGaw Scholarship
  • Harry J. Harwick Scholarship
  • Sandra Winn Green Scholarship in Public Health

After the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, the field of healthcare administration boomed. With millions more people having access to both routine and emergency healthcare, the demand for professionals with degrees or expertise in healthcare administration increased dramatically – and thousands of colleges and universities began designing curricula for this in-demand degree.

As the field continues to grow, a number of scholarships specifically for healthcare administration majors have emerged – partly to encourage students to help fill the widening gap between available professionals and demand. Here are five healthcare administration scholarships.

The Bachrach Family Scholarship for Excellence in Health Care Administration

One of many scholarships available to graduate students in healthcare administration, the Bachrach Family Scholarship is available to students majoring in healthcare administration with career goals of managing medical practices and a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Strong preference is given to students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, and is administered jointly by the Medical Group Management Association and the American College Of Medical Practice Executives.

The HCA Corris Boyd Scholars Program

This generous graduate-level scholarship grants one-time scholarships of forty thousand dollars to two minority students per year entering a master’s degree program in healthcare administration. Eligible students must have a grade point average of 3.0 or better, and must be either American citizens or permanent residents. The scholarship is provided by the Association Of University Programs In Health Administration.

Foster G. McGaw Scholarship

One of few scholarships available to undergraduate students as well as graduate students, the Foster G. McGaw Scholarship is available to students enrolled in Association of University Programs in Health Administration programs (AUPHA) programs. The scholarship provides a varying amount of financial support to students, and since its inception in 1975 has awarded more than nine hundred scholarships.

Harry J. Harwick Scholarship

Another scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate students in an AUPHA healthcare administration program, the Harry J. Harwick Scholarship is a non-renewable funding source that awards one five-thousand dollar scholarship per scholastic year. Applicants must include a resume, career goals, and letters of reference to receive the scholarship. This scholarship is sponsored by the American College of Medical Practice Executives.

Sandra Winn Green Scholarship in Public Health

Exclusively awarded to students studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Sandra Winn Green Scholarship is awarded to students with outstanding academic achievement and practical experience in the field of healthcare administration. The scholarship awards twelve hundred dollars per annum, and is funded by the university’s foundation committee.

Regardless of what your career goals in health administration may be, numerous founding sources exist for students who are hardworking and show promise in the area of healthcare administration. These five healthcare administration scholarships are just a few of the many available to students at every academic level of their degree studies, from undergraduate to doctoral. Whether you study at a community college or one of the Ivy Leagues, tack the deadlines to your calendar – and complete a degree that will help you positively impact the future of healthcare.

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